post ZoeFest 2010 Mission Beach Australia

11 models in 6 days…..

No wonder I was exhausted! What a great time I had though!

My only regret? I didn’t shoot Rei… 🙁

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9 Naked in Public Cause Zero Disturbance

The Walk in Mission Beach Australia from Zoe Wiseman on Vimeo.

In the land down under, it takes a lot to disturb others. They generally pass by with a curious look and go on their way without much fanfare. I asked parents with children if they cared before we did this and the response was, “Well, I reckon that’d be alright.” And the look was astoundingly that of “Why ask? Just do it.” So I was able to do something that would have gotten us all arrested in the United States and had a blast doing it. One lady even stopped to applaud us. Oh, just to be back there.

post shoots

Lensbaby and L lenses

Lensbaby and Muse

Keira and the cloth at dawn

Keira and the fabric – looking like a Greek Goddess

Keira and the glowing sunrise

The Bink and the sun

Muse and Lensbaby again


Some of my snaps from Mission Beach

I’ve returned to Los Angeles just yesterday. Today I spent the day going through the thousands of snap shots I took during the fest. This fest wins the most chill awards. Chill to organize and so super chill once we all got there. I miss everyone.

You can see more of my snaps on Community Zoe – 🙂


The attreeimages Zoe Fest 2010 video!

I’ve spent the last two days frantically working on this and trying to finish it before I go back to work this morning and I managed to get it done! So here it is….

Zoe Fest 2010 by Cam Attree


Bendy Bathroom

I asked all of the lovely ladies to pose for me in the blue and purple bathroom, and most of them I shot with my home made bendy lens, a tradition I started with my second shoot. Sadly I didn’t think to shoot Carly with it, so you’ll have to be satisfied with a straight lens image of her in the bath…Love how the lens gives a painted feel to some of the images….(The missing tenth shoot was when I photographed d-eye in the pool, so no bathroom bendies for him)

My first shoot - with straight lens - Carlotta Champagne.

My second shoot - Emma Jayne

My third shoot - Anne Duffy

My fourth shoot - Muse

My fifth shoot - Keira Grant

My sixth shoot - Tara

My seventh shoot - Evie

My eighth shoot - Kiah

My ninth shoot - Madame Bink

My eleventh shoot - Rebecca Pardue

My twelfth shoot - Jessamyn

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Home again

Shot with lensbaby
This bathroom was the site for my bendy lens and lensbaby - Expect to see more.

Brett's pool
Thanks Brett! Sunrise at the pool

The kitchen was a scary place
Ok, it's not ALL fine art nude, soz 😉

50mm at f/1.4
The deck came in handy on those rainy mornings

The tree sprite
Love those trees as a prop!

Elegance personified!
Desaturated a little.....

The sky behaved
Gorgeous sunrise

Mosquito Nets are very useful sometimes!
Thank goodness for the props in the cottage!

Shells from the cottage
On the table with shells

Thank god for my back-up camera
In the bedroom

Natural light
Shot with my home made bendy lens with natural light. Straight from the camera with only a sepia finish

I’m home, and finally have some free time, thank you all SO much for being so patient and friendly!!! Here are a few shots that I’ve processed so far…..Looking forward to catching up with you all again sometime!

You’ll find my images here
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My Mission Beach preview

I’m not confident of how my laptop is setup, so I may replace these once I get home and look at them on my monitor. It’s been a lot of fun if a little tiring 🙂


The first shoot – Monday Muse

I know this post from my first shoot with Muse is a few days late but I’ve been so busy shooting, editing, socialising and trying to find time to also get some sleep that finding time to blog as well has been a little difficult. Muse was the first shoot I booked in this year as I knew from last years experience that I was bound to get some more amazing images. So here’s a selection from shoot 1, Zoe Fest 2010.