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9 Naked in Public Cause Zero Disturbance

The Walk in Mission Beach Australia from Zoe Wiseman on Vimeo.

In the land down under, it takes a lot to disturb others. They generally pass by with a curious look and go on their way without much fanfare. I asked parents with children if they cared before we did this and the response was, “Well, I reckon that’d be alright.” And the look was astoundingly that of “Why ask? Just do it.” So I was able to do something that would have gotten us all arrested in the United States and had a blast doing it. One lady even stopped to applaud us. Oh, just to be back there.


Emma Jayne Carlotta…

Emma Jayne



Emma & Keira @ Murray Falls

Wednesday we tried our luck with the rain and headed up to Murray Falls. The rain didn’t play nice and we ended up having to shoot under umbrellas but we still managed to get some great images. We also did a quick hit and run on the way back to Mission Beach 🙂