Home again

Shot with lensbaby
This bathroom was the site for my bendy lens and lensbaby - Expect to see more.
Brett's pool
Thanks Brett! Sunrise at the pool
The kitchen was a scary place
Ok, it's not ALL fine art nude, soz 😉
50mm at f/1.4
The deck came in handy on those rainy mornings
The tree sprite
Love those trees as a prop!
Elegance personified!
Desaturated a little.....
The sky behaved
Gorgeous sunrise
Mosquito Nets are very useful sometimes!
Thank goodness for the props in the cottage!
Shells from the cottage
On the table with shells
Thank god for my back-up camera
In the bedroom
Natural light
Shot with my home made bendy lens with natural light. Straight from the camera with only a sepia finish

I’m home, and finally have some free time, thank you all SO much for being so patient and friendly!!! Here are a few shots that I’ve processed so far…..Looking forward to catching up with you all again sometime!

You’ll find my images here
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