post shoots ZoeFest 2010 Mission Beach Australia

Beach Adventures

Even without a car, it was amazing to see the variety that we could shoot right outside of our house on Mission Beach.  Some of these shots of Keira, Jessamyn, and Bink were shot within spitting distance of where I stayed, making the location perfect for some quick shooting!

More than three months later waiting for the next blizzard to hit Brooklyn, I’m missing the place more than ever!

post ZoeFest 2010 Mission Beach Australia


status ZoeFest 2010 Mission Beach Australia

A couple of shots

Alright, a couple of shots to prove there was film in the camera and I didn’t spend all my time in a hammock.

Model: Keira Grant

Model: Carlotta

Model: Rebecca


Flora and Fauna In Australia A few of…

Flora and Fauna In Australia. (A few of my holiday snaps)

post shoots

Lensbaby and L lenses

Lensbaby and Muse

Keira and the cloth at dawn

Keira and the fabric – looking like a Greek Goddess

Keira and the glowing sunrise

The Bink and the sun

Muse and Lensbaby again


Sunrise shoot with Keira Grant

Here are some of my first edits from Mission Beach, Australia. These shots were taken about 30 meters away from our balcony at around 5.30am on one of the mornings with a beautiful sunrise.

Our photographs were taking during a really short shoot, I think we only shot 20 frames in a couple of minutes, but the colours were so amazing we couldn’t miss the chance to shoot (be it short and sweet).

Luckily Keira found the time to model for me on another morning so more photos will be posted from that shoot soon.

Lots more to come, Adam Robertson //


The attreeimages Zoe Fest 2010 video!

I’ve spent the last two days frantically working on this and trying to finish it before I go back to work this morning and I managed to get it done! So here it is….

Zoe Fest 2010 by Cam Attree


Keira and Rebecca


Emma & Keira @ Murray Falls

Wednesday we tried our luck with the rain and headed up to Murray Falls. The rain didn’t play nice and we ended up having to shoot under umbrellas but we still managed to get some great images. We also did a quick hit and run on the way back to Mission Beach 🙂