Bendy Bathroom

Melbendy lens comes into its own with art nudes.

I asked all of the lovely ladies to pose for me in the blue and purple bathroom, and most of them I shot with my home made bendy lens, a tradition I started with my second shoot. Sadly I didn’t think to shoot Carly with it, so you’ll have to be satisfied with a straight lens image of her in the bath…Love how the lens gives a painted feel to some of the images….(The missing tenth shoot was when I photographed d-eye in the pool, so no bathroom bendies for him)

My first shoot - with straight lens - Carlotta Champagne.
My second shoot - Emma Jayne
My third shoot - Anne Duffy
My fourth shoot - Muse
My fifth shoot - Keira Grant
My sixth shoot - Tara
My seventh shoot - Evie
My eighth shoot - Kiah
My ninth shoot - Madame Bink
My eleventh shoot - Rebecca Pardue

My twelfth shoot - Jessamyn

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17 replies on “Bendy Bathroom”

I absolutely love these Mel … I think my favourite is the second one .. something about the shutters .. it’s like a film still .. absolutely beautiful. The lighting is exquisite .. so sensual and soft.

Thanks so much Deb, I had a whale of a time with all these gorgeous gals! The bathroom was a perfect set for me bendy lens and lensbaby. Lensbaby ones are a little sharper 🙂

Wow Mel…what I would have given to be with you on this shoot…wonderful work. You must put it up on RB…perhaps with a hint of sepia to emphasis the softness! love MaxO

Ah, I missed Kiah unfortunately. I managed to have Rebecca join in another shoot by a bit of luck 🙂 It’s raining here again and a gecko just dropped from the roof onto the table next to the laptop. I should be packing but am procrastinating 😉

If Rei can’t come to Brissy, you should visit Canberra 😀

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