post ZoeFest 2010 Mission Beach Australia

11 models in 6 days…..

No wonder I was exhausted! What a great time I had though!

My only regret? I didn’t shoot Rei… 🙁

post shoots

Lensbaby and L lenses

Lensbaby and Muse

Keira and the cloth at dawn

Keira and the fabric – looking like a Greek Goddess

Keira and the glowing sunrise

The Bink and the sun

Muse and Lensbaby again


Beach Time with Carlotta Champagne

Just three photos I took during a 20 minute shoot with Carly. Posting these first cause I miss that beach so much! More to come from this set and others. Love and miss you all!


Some of my snaps from Mission Beach

I’ve returned to Los Angeles just yesterday. Today I spent the day going through the thousands of snap shots I took during the fest. This fest wins the most chill awards. Chill to organize and so super chill once we all got there. I miss everyone.

You can see more of my snaps on Community Zoe – 🙂