Sunrise shoot with Keira Grant

Here are some of my first edits from Mission Beach, Australia. These shots were taken about 30 meters away from our balcony at around 5.30am on one of the mornings with a beautiful sunrise.

Our photographs were taking during a really short shoot, I think we only shot 20 frames in a couple of minutes, but the colours were so amazing we couldn’t miss the chance to shoot (be it short and sweet).

Luckily Keira found the time to model for me on another morning so more photos will be posted from that shoot soon.

Lots more to come, Adam Robertson //

7 replies on “Sunrise shoot with Keira Grant”

i think i was the only person who didn’t see one sunrise, except for a sleepy glance out my bedroom window when i forgot to pull the blinds. them’s violent hours! but hey… most awesome photos! 🙂

lol Adam, I think I may have seen most….I do recall waking to an orange bedroom on the one day I didn’t have a dawn shoot….the sky was amazing! I rolled over and went back to sleep! 🙂

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