post shoots ZoeFest 2010 Mission Beach Australia

Here’s a few shots of the bundle of…

Here’s a few shots of the bundle of Irish awesome, TaraTree…one super quick stroll along the beach followed by some shots around the pool!

post shoots

Mission Beach with Madame Bink

I’m still buzzing from my first ever Zoefest, it was a great time with a mix of amazing people. Things have been pretty hectic since getting back to the UK, but with winter moving in we’ve had severe snow storms here and the country is coming to a standstill which means lots of editing time for me. (although still a long way to go, so many great shoots to edit)

Here are a selection of my shoots with Madame Bink:

Adam Robertson //


Sunrise shoot with Keira Grant

Here are some of my first edits from Mission Beach, Australia. These shots were taken about 30 meters away from our balcony at around 5.30am on one of the mornings with a beautiful sunrise.

Our photographs were taking during a really short shoot, I think we only shot 20 frames in a couple of minutes, but the colours were so amazing we couldn’t miss the chance to shoot (be it short and sweet).

Luckily Keira found the time to model for me on another morning so more photos will be posted from that shoot soon.

Lots more to come, Adam Robertson //


Shooting with Carlotta is Dangerous and …

Shooting with Carlotta is Dangerous and leads to heat exhaustion 🙁 lol


First Timer

Being a first timer at such an event I was nervous, but everyone here has been so awesome and friendly.

It’s so laid back here at mission beach the days slowly flow into the social evenings, and before you know it the sun is up and everyone is back to shooting.

I’ve seen some beautiful and inspiring photos taken so far and I’m so looking forward to maybe shooting myself.

Looking forward to seeing more and more images from the event 😀

Adam Robertson