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I do NOT like Cyclone Yasi one bit. I wi…

I do NOT like Cyclone Yasi one bit. I wish it wasn’t getting ready to pound on this beautiful beach town. Good luck Far North Queenslanders.


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I’m still trying to get some info on Donkin Lane…..reckon the houses we were in are likely to have been pretty badly damaged, or even washed away, in the case of Bev’s cottage 🙁 Mission Beach is still without power and water, apparently….being one of the first to be hit….

I got a reply from the rental ladies who we rented from just today. Here was the response:

“Hello Everyone,

We are very sorry for the blanket email however we have been inundated with
good wishes from everyone. Quite overwhelming for us.
We are safe with rooves over our heads. The generator noise and cold
showers are now getting a little long in the tooth but Mission Beach is well
on track. This little town is very busy with Army, SES, volunteers etc
organizing people, business and clearing trees. Ergon has been wonderful
installing large generators to power around half of Mission Beach so most
are starting to feel normal again.

“Yasi” was a large blow, there is no doubt. We were spared largely given
the Southerly then Northerly wind direction saving a lot of our holiday
property with 90% remaining quite okay and the other 10% will be back to
normal with a little TLC!
The rainforest has been beaten around however the bright green leaves are
appearing already which is just so nice to see.

Again, we thank you all for your thoughts and we hope to be able to assist
on your next holidays up here in Mission Beach where the views are better
and the beach is a little larger!

Kind Regards

Vicki and Nancy”

So, it sounds like things are getting done all the properties are still standing! What a bit of good luck! This makes me happy!

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