Anne’s adventure

This was my first Zoefest and it has been such a wonderful experience. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to Mission Beach half way through (to return home for a wedding) but my short stay was one to remember. The highlights for me were making new friends with amazingly creative people from around the world and creating the artwork that you see here. Submersing myself in the rich tropical environment which is totally inspiring and so different to where I live, and new experiences like shooting underwater. I had never done an underwater shoot before! It was hard work but so much fun.

A little clip of Brett shooting Tara underwater

Brett shooting underwater from Anne Duffy on Vimeo.

A few snaps I took

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I wondered where that video went. i thought you were taking it on my camera. lol i definitely would have edited out the bum floating moments. i promise i am an underwater pro now with scars to prove it.

Love you pictures. Well done chick. i have a few from the beach i took also. Those wee sand balls were so cute.xx

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