On my way……but very nearly wasn’t!

After getting my car serviced on Monday, I only had a few more things to do on Tuesday morning before packing the car up ready to leave first thing Wednesday on the 1600km journey from Brisbane to Mission Beach for the 9th Annual Zoe Fest. Unfortunately fate decided to make my life a little more difficult and while heading into the city to run some errands, I pulled up at a pedestrian crossing to allow someone to cross the road. However the person driving behind me didn’t! SMASH!!! The rear end of my Nissan Pathfinder now looks like a bull elephant has given it a good head butt!

At least I faired better than the guy that hit me!

But….. I wasn’t going to let that stop me from attending Zoe Fest! So after lodging my insurance claim, I promptly organised a hire car (to great expense!) and delayed my departure by only one day.